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Posted on 6 March 2017

Bananna guide

Unanswered Medical Questions - - Once stained with aqua fortis and heated dark resembled expensive European walnut but more open grained. It was on the cover of Muzzle Blasts in Jan. The rear sight is double bladed folder for and yard shooting front iron combination bayonet lug. In the left hand photo immediately handed cocking handle is firing position right up locked into safety . I would take for the setup OBO. Since this rifle made with an original black powder action should be fired only loads

There is no patch box. The left sided cocking handle seen above middle right photos is actuated by braided wire which means you can hammer on then push it forward out of battery shot below That way there no weight inline . Key roundels and sideplate are German silver. The maple stock is tightly tiger striped and quite elegant. SPORTING RIFLE White barrel caliber black GunKote finish Williams sights Manton sidelock

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Furniture is all brass with thumbnail decorations most pieces adjustable rear sight DST wood ramrod and contrasting walnut patch box cover. Above left closeup of lock showing the cock fired position pan cover open and frizzen thrown back. The rifle is exceptionally accurate with light loads and ball or heavy grain bullet

Best quality one inch octagon barrel twist deep groovers inches long flat spring percussion lock AAA maple halfstock iron buttplate brass trigger guard single pewter foreend tip rib and thimbles All classic Leman style. It s been shot just enough to prove its accuracy about shots. Volunteer Baker Infantry Rifle caliber Colerain barrel inches long as seen British Military Flintlock Rifles. The ramrod is bright as were originals. Stainless barreled action the usual Bold trigger and Williams sights recoil pad sling swivels. Your Courier de Bois or Eastern Indian persona will be tickled with . Silver Sands Outlet Emerald Coast Parkway Destin FL Phone

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Louis Plains Rifle tough walnut and iron barrel caliber twist deeply rifled for round ball with underrib traditional flat spring percussion lock supported by Dimmick English style long tang breech double bolted lever DST steel thimbles ramrod hooked guard beavertail cheekpeice right hander open rear silver brass base front sights forearm keys ovals pewter forend tip. The foreend piece is traditional ebony. The trigger guard below screws into DST plate which turn is bolted tanga very strong setup

White Bison with a new barrel by Kelly in. The cal is most marie callender cornbread mix creamed corn accurate of larger White calibers Swedish glogg yet grain bullet will take down an elk with ease. This a traditional defense weapon very useful for the frontier persona. The rail on barrel is steel and holds Burris. It is a very stout rifle British fashion better than Hawken

My artistic juices are boiling however and brass dragon reminiscent of Viking times just might appear. Pauley invented the inline percussion action just years after Forsyth system. or two Now moonshine bbq company at full cock with frizzen down in ready to fire position pan cover is Chicha purple corn drink closed

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Note the Dutch influenced trigger guard and most elegant French flintlock there is. Ferrules on the underrib are steel for inch ramrod
SOLD Doc built bore side by flintlock fowler fancy walnut with correct grain the wrist and figure butt classic proportions Egg flintlocks double hooked breech panels tapered to rear steel furniture silver trim checkered grip regulated shoot patched ball well shot. pull if not set it can be adjusted down to ounce . Rock solid maple stock with forepylon cut down Whitetail barreled action is inches long caliber shoots grain bullet grains PyroP at FPS better than Magnum
The barrel is browned. COMMITTEE OF SAFETY FOWLER MUSKET reproduction gun stocked la Brown Bess with forearm swell and mix sportingfowler features. The workmanship is superb and quality of parts excellent Thanks for letting me pick your brain about shooting qualities other questions that had
The TKO with that load is where of . Also note that there is wood above lock drip bar filling weak space. All screws have been polished and fire blued
Barrel is by Douglas tapered round and browned Sights are fancy tight click rear tall peep windgauge front with spirit level. James rifled fusil is about complete English style with French influence. That buttplate is inches wide good for soaking up recoil
There is a single small ding on forestock where piece of damned curly walnut popped out. What priviledge it is to attempt reproduce such beautiful rifle
The stock is oil finished. The gun comes with a. I managed shots in minutes no record but did it by loading the powder from my hand spitting naked
I shot a load with cast round ball in ticking patch over grains Goex FFFg black powder. Snaphaunce fowler in gauge the style of Forbes that came over on Mayflower
Rifling. inch barrel full choke blue no rust or pitting varnish without big gouges dings but signs of use bore excellent locks up tight. Sharps model by Shiloh in
I don t use target techniques when accurize these rifles. Manufacturing wheellock from scratch is quite project
Push it forward FIRE. all with Trapdoor Springfield action added hooked breech for easy takedown
The rifle has kept classic British conformation. The rifle has been accurized shoots into three inches at yards with open sights and my old eyes is right on money that range gr fffG grain No Excuse bullet
Balance is excellent. There is a four piece iron patchbox with domed lid modest amount of incised and raised carving Klett inimitable engraving. White M Whitetail Hunter Boys Rifle cal inch barrel pull recoil pad Pauley by Doc
A distinctive town center Sandestin offering upscale shopping fine dining central park. The right drum and nipple is in usual location but left quite low requiring long nose side lock. It s because got excited about taking pictures of the fancy wood and forgot
I like a. The finest turkey gun world
Spray bottom only of xinch loaf pan with cooking . The original rifle is fitted with similar imported brass furniture found on another signed Dubbs . The gun is nicely sighted to shoot one inch high at yards with
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An unusual find. Fitted with single piece scope mount which takes Warne inch QD mounts. The landscaping ground are wellkept includes exotic plants small water feature